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Welcome to Jedi School!

Jedi School is a spiritual education community built around the real-world philosophies and teachings of the fictional Jedi Order from the Star Wars films. Though we’re not affiliated with LucasFilms (or Disney, for that matter), we hold these works in high regard as references to spiritual awakening, self-improvement, and personal evolution. We call this philosophy Jediism.

But each philosophy must also have associated practices in order to survive—ways to put the ideas into a real-world context that allows us to test whether or not they’re real. We offer a wide range of spiritual and practical ways to put these philosophies to the test, and to know the truth of the universe. 


This is a real-world application of philosophy that some might call religious. If you are offended by the promotion of such materials, we would encourage you to avoid reading the materials on this site.

Individual teaching is also available to those who want it. You need only to sign up for an account and request it in the appropriate forum. Alternately, you can request these teachings in our contact form, and leave an email address or other means of contact so that we can contact you.

To get you started, some of the elementary teachings (including works by our students) are published in the blog.

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Valentine’s Day for Geeks

Got a graphing calculator, or possibly just some graph paper? Try this: This produces a lovely little Valentine’s Day present for your sweetie who might be a math geek.

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User Accounts

As of today (1 February 2014), all unrecognized accounts have been deleted. Accounts which lack actual information about who is using that account (names, contact info, etc.) which I don’t recognize will be removed, because of the 237 bot accounts that have signed up. This isn’t to say that we’re against all bots, but we’re …

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